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Is toilet paper actually one of design’s most worrying environmental problems?

While discussing a new exhibition, held at Marta in Los Angeles, its co-founder Benjamin Critton likens its message and contents to a children’s book, Everybody Poops. Written by Japanese author Tomi Gamo, the book details the toilet trips of each and every animal sweetly and calmly, until any anxiety surrounding the bathroom has settled in your stomach. “Not only is it a great children’s book,” Benjamin tells It’s Nice That, “but it’s literally true!”

Art and design, however, the area Benjamin and his co-founder Heidi Korsavong surround themselves in, rarely has this universally relatable quality. Objects of high design, the ones you’d expect to be featured in a gallery, often make most of us feel uncomfortable. Delicate pieces tend to accelerate your heartbeat both due to their beauty and a fear of breaking them. Other pieces feel so incomprehensible that, somehow, an actual object manages to make you feel slightly inferior. In almost all instances, its owner will be snooty and shout about its rarity.

One object which is difficult to get on your high horse about however is the focus of Marta’s new show – an exhibition of toilet paper holders.

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