Lego and Ikea collaborate on the Bygglek collection

The storage boxes feature Lego studs that allow them to become landscapes for kids’ creations, and come with their own special brick set.

The long-awaited Lego Ikea collaboration is officially here. The Bygglek collection combines what both companies do best – play and organisation, respectively – with a set of storage boxes equipped with Lego studs on the top and front, to be incorporated into playtime as landscapes or display platforms for Lego builds, and a place to tidy away the bricks afterwards.

The range also includes its own special Lego kit, to kickstart playtime, and the marketing images provide ample inspiration for how to use your Bygglek boxes: as a launch pad for a rocket, for instance, or the storeys of a house, or piled up to create one giant robot.

The concept behind the range is driven by the eternal conflict between kids and their parents when it comes to tidying up. Whereas adults want to organise and impose structure, children see their environment as a creative canvas to play with (and mess up), and when adults tidy up their play space they disrupt the little ones’ creative expression.

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